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Authors should know that an open Access publication enables the dissemination of research findings to the global community without any form of restriction. Thus, articles published under open access journals can be accessed by anyone with the use of internet connection.


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Current Issue


Gufe Claudious, Marumure Jerikias, Majonga Otilia, Ndlovu C.M. Nomalanga,

Makavu Helen, Makaya Pious Vengesayi, Machakwa Jairus, Musari Shuvai, Gadaga

Biko, Hodobo Tinashe

        Assessment of the microbial quality of raw chicken, mincemeat and sausage sold

        in selected informal markets in Harare’s Western Suburbs, Zimbabwe

        Basic Res. J. Microbiol. 5(1) 01-11 [Abstract] [Full Text] (277 KB)


Sharma Sujeeta and Ghimire Binod

        Effect of mulching practice on crop performance and soil properties: A review

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 6(8) 79-86 [Abstract] [Full Text] (152 KB)


Alemayehu Dengia and Egbert Lantinga

        Comparsion of organic, conventional and integrated fertlization on improving

        soil quality

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 6(7) 57-66 [Abstract] [Full Text] (168 KB)


Dawit Samuel and Regassa Terefe

        Variation in growth traits and survival of Acacia mearnsii provenances in Bako,

         Western Oromia regional state, Ethiopia

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 6(7) 67-72 [Abstract] [Full Text] (261 KB)


Tesfaye Mediksa, Yohannis Kejela, Dereje Bekele, Tesfaye Marsha and Mekonnen


        Pre-extension demonstration of napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum) silage on

        lactating crossbred dairy cows in Guto Gida District of West Oromia

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 6(7) 73-78 [Abstract] [Full Text] (135 KB)


Tesfaye A.T, Girma D, Mieso G, Ashebir W, Amen G, Frehowit M and Tesfaye A. A.

        Evaluation of different dietary rations for growth performance and carcass

       characteristics of two years old Kereyu bulls for export/local market weight

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 6(6) 49-56 [Abstract] [Full Text] (458 KB)


Taiwo Emmanuel Oluwatoyin         

        Development of Nigerian graduates through entrepreneurship education

        towards self sustainability       

        J. Bus. Manag. Acc. 7(1) 01-07 [Abstract] [Full Text] (132 KB)


Saud Taher, Maida Shamdeen
       Maternal and neonatal out come in breech delivery; Vaginal versus caesarean

       J. Med. Clin. Sci. 7(1) 01-09 [Abstract] [Full Text] (139 KB)

Kalyan and Anisha
       Burden of tuberculosis disease in South-East Asia: A statistical analysis
       J. Med. Clin. Sci. 7(1) 10-24 [Abstract] [Full Text] (401 KB)

Mohammad Abdul Razak and Sheikh Irfan Samad

        Thin film diamond for optical applications

        J. Educ. Res. Rev. 7(1) 01-05 [Abstract] [Full Text] (161 KB)


Ma. Gloria E. Liquido

        The accreditation of state universities and colleges in the Philippines:

        Governance, hegemony relationship and dichotomy of ownership

        J. Educ. Res. Rev. 7(1) 06-17 [Abstract] [Full Text] (187 KB)


Sujatha Boopalan, Veena Gayathri Krishnaswamy, and Vidya Vasudevan

        Alkaliphilic degradation of mixed reactive dyes (C.I.RY 125 and C.I.RB 52) by a

        moderately alkaliphilic bacterial consortium – optimization and bench scale


        Basic Res. J. Microbiol. 4(5) 47-63 [Abstract] [Full Text] (790 KB)

Tomather Alomari

        The attitudes of students and faculty members towards using achievement tests

        as a part of entrance requirements to King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah,

        Saudi Arabia

        J. Educ. Res. Rev. 6(1) 10-11 [Abstract] [Full Text] (257 KB)


Taha Bahrami, Yaser paritaghi

        Surveying of the relationship between the amount of investment and corporate


        J. Bus. Manag. Acc. 6(5) 58-64 [Abstract] [Full Text] (157 KB)


Kalyan and Anisha
       Burden of tuberculosis disease in South-East Asia: A statistical analysis
       J. Med. Clin. Sci. 7(1) 10-24 [Abstract] [Full Text] (401 KB)


Fahmida Khatoon
       Genome wide association studies; discovering human genome and genetics
       J. Med. Clin. Sci. 6(10) 99-103 [Abstract] [Full Text] (85 KB)





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