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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review ISSN 2315-6880 Vol. 6(7), pp. 73-78 October 2018 Copyright© 2018 Basic Research Journals

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Pre-extension demonstration of napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum) silage on lactating crossbred dairy cows in Guto Gida District of West Oromia


*Tesfaye Mediksa, Yohannis Kejela, Dereje Bekele, Tesfaye Marsha and Mekonnen Diribsa


Bako Agricultural Research Center, P.O.Box 03, West Shoa, Bako, Oromia, Ethiopia


*Corresponding author email: tesfishmidoo2008@gmail.com


Received 25 October, 2018; Acceptance 03 November, 2018; Published 10 November, 2018




A study was conducted at East Wollega zone of Guto Gida district to create awareness on the importance of the napier grass silage among the rural farmers and to enhance the farmers’ knowledge and skill on the technology usage. It also aimed to evaluate the feeding value of Napier grass silage as basal diet in comparison with locally produced feeds on milk yield of crossbred dairy cows. Sixteen dairy cows (Horro X Friesian) were used for the experiment. All the cows were drenched with broad-spectrum anti- helminthics (Albendazole 500mg) prior to the start of the experiment. The experiment was carried out with full participation of farmers research group. Farmers were participated in the selection of best performed feeding options. Mean daily milk yield of crossbred dairy cows fed napier grass silage and locally produced feeds differed significantly between treatments (P<0.01), cows fed with napier grass silage produced more milk yield than those feed locally produced feeds. Accordingly, farmers preferred napier grass silage feeding to locally feed due to its high biomass and milk yield improvement. Thus, it can be concluded that cows fed with Napeir grass silage with recommended concentrate mix optimized both biological and economic benefits as compared to cows consumed locally produced feeds. The technology is liked by farmers and therefore, it needs further extension through pre-scaling up with its full package.


Key words: Crossbred, Demonstration, Locally produced feeds, napier grass silage


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J. Agric. Sci. Rev

Vol.6 No 7

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