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Netsanet Ayele, Alemayehu Dengia, Abiy Getaneh, Leul Mengistu and Zinaw Dilnesaw

        Possibility of reducing harvesting time in sugarcane using bioactivators

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(8) 75-79 [Abstract] [Full Text] (180 KB)


Didier Paulin Sokouri, N’goran Etienne Loukou, Chia Valentine Yapi-Gnaore, Brahima Soro, Assanvo Simon Pierre N’guetta

        Smallholders and their livestock production conditions in the Central region of Côte d’Ivoire

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(8) 65-74 [Abstract] [Full Text] (156 KB)


Agbolade, O.M, Arosoye, A.S, Akajiugo, E.C, Akinyemi, H.A, Owolowo, A.M, Ariba, O. and Jonathan, K.A

        Gastrointestinal parasites of domestic fowls from Ijebu North, Southwestern Nigeria

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(7) 60-64 [Abstract] [Full Text] (151 KB)


Myra Koech, MD, Titus Ngeno MD
       Economic impact on families with children with rheumatic heart disease at a referral

       hospital, Kenya
       J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(8) 74-79 [Abstract] [Full Text] (114 KB)


Marcos Flores-Encarnación, Angélica Ramírez-Águila, Brenda González-Luna, Ricardo Carreño-López, Carlos Cabrera-Maldonado, Silvia García-García, Mariano Sánchez-Cuevas, Alejandro Ulises Herrera-Romero, Claudia Ixtepan-Tejero
       Presence of Leptospira in aquatic environments
       J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(8) 80-87 [Abstract] [Full Text] (151 KB)


H. Amadou, Y. Maiga, M. Sou/Dakoure, A. Abdou, A. H. Maiga

        Grey water treatment by slanted soil system under real conditions in rural area

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(7) 49-54 [Abstract] [Full Text] (151 KB)


Abdul Khaliq, Mudassar Javed, Muhammad Hannan Ahmad, Muhammad Yasir, Muhammad Sagheer and Mansoor-ul-Hasan

        Biocidal and repellent effect of Saccharopolyspora spinosa and Nerium oleander extract

        against stored product pests

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(6) 49-54 [Abstract] [Full Text] (132 KB)


Zephania Nji Fogwe

        Developing sustainable agro-ecosystems on some rice Plains of the Western Highlands

        of Cameroon

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(6) 41-48 [Abstract] [Full Text] (566 KB)


Myra Koech, MD, Titus Ngeno MD
Perception of parents whose children have rheumatic heart disease at a referral hospital, Kenya
J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(7) 67-73 [Abstract] [Full Text] (249 KB)


Ashok Kumar Yadav, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh Verma, Mukesh Kumar, Manoj Kumar
Designing of Species-specific inhibition: The cysteine residues of triosephosphate isomerase
J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(7) 62-66 [Abstract] [Full Text] (292 KB)


Ahmed Gamal Hafez, Eman A. Elsharrawy, Abdelbadee Abdalla
Comparative study between methylprednisolone and dexamethasone as submucosal injection for control of edema, trismus and pain of third molar surgery
J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(6) 55-61 [Abstract] [Full Text] (268 KB)


Zlatko Nedić, Selma Begović, Mustafa Dogan, Elvira Hadžiahmetović Jurida,

Jasmin Ferizbegović, Rifet Terzić

        Decreasing of biodiversity of fish populations from the Sava River in Bosnia and


        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(5) 35-40 [Abstract] [Full Text] (438 KB)


Surekha L. Chavan, Revati S. Deshmukh, Harsh Parekh and Pratap N. Mukhopadhyaya
        Honey as a potent natural supplement for diverse human ailments
        J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(6) 45-54 [Abstract] [Full Text] (172 KB)


Hossein Hadinedoushan, Abolhassan Halvani, Elieh Abdollahi
        The effects of inhaled Fluticasone on inflammatory markers in asthmatic patients

        J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(5) 39-44 [Abstract] [Full Text] (125 KB)


Truscelli G, Iaconi M, Collacchi D, Manganelli C, Crespini C, Lamarra S, Vita S, Costanzo F, Piscioneri F, Morabito S, Tritapepe L
        Veno-Venosus-ECMO support in a patient with ARDS after aortic dissection surgery: A

        novel double finding       

        J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(5) 36-38 [Abstract] [Full Text] (197 KB)


Iba, Innocent Udofia*, Akpanabiatu, Monday Isaiah, Akpanyung, Edet Okon, Ebe, Nse Udoka Ekanemesang, Udoudo Moses and Etuk, Ekaete Uduakobong

        Comparative studies on nutrient and antinutrient composition of Eremomastax polysperma

        (Benth.) Dandy varieties in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

        J. Food Sci. Technol. 1(6) 46-50 [Abstract] [Full Text] (88KB)


Z. Eslamifar

        Computational outlook of alpha amylase (PDB: 1VJS) and investigation by Gyration Radius

        and Ramachandran Plot

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(5) 29-34 [Abstract] [Full Text] (486 KB)


Zelalem Muluneh and Chalchissa Amentie

        The importance of microfinance and credit service for women economic development case

        study in Yirgalem Town, Ethiopia

        J. Bus. Manag. A/cc. 3(5) 75-79 [Abstract] [Full Text] (97 KB)


Gizachew Girma, Geremew Bultosa, Solomon Abera

        Effect of drying process and partial substitution of wheat flour with cassava flours at

        different ratios on rheological properties and anti-nutritional factors

        J. Food Sci. Technol. 1(5) 38-45 [Abstract] [Full Text] (374KB)


Brahima Koné; Affi Jeanne Bongoua-Devisme; Kouadio Konan-Kan Hippolyte; Konan Kouamé Firmin; Traoré Mignina Joachim
Potassium supplying capacity as indicated by soil colour in Ferralsol environment

        J. Soil Environ. Sci. 2(4) 46-55 [Abstract] [Full Text] (416 KB)


Marcos Flores-Encarnación, Jennifer Yanine-Gutiérrez González, José Luis Meza de la Rosa, Carlos Cabrera-Maldonado, Ricardo Carreño-López, Rosa María Nava Nolazco, Silvia García-García, Gloria León-Tello
        The bacterial biofilm and importance to human health

        J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(4) 28-35 [Abstract] [Full Text] (211 KB)


Ofoefule A.U., Eze S.C., Ibeto C.N and Onah R. N

        The use of some bio-fertilizers as sources of soil amendment for sweet potato

        (Ipomea batatas) production

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(4) 23-28 [Abstract] [Full Text] (624 KB)


Amandru S. W, Bantu, E, Mwebi, B, OKwara, M, Onderi, H

        Adolescent resilience, social support and drug abuse a case of Koboko District, West Nile, Uganda

        J. Educ. Res. Rev. 3(4) 35-44 [Abstract] [Full Text] (161 KB)


Marzieh Dehghani, Nafiseh Peyman

        On the investigation of efficacy of e-learning on higher education academic achievement

        J. Educ. Res. Rev. 3(4) 29-34 [Abstract] [Full Text] (130 KB)


Okunlola I. A. Idris-Nda A. Dindey A. O and Kolawole L. L.

        Geotechnical and geochemical properties of lateritic profile on migmatite gneiss

        along Ogbomosho - Ilorin Highway, Southwestern Nigeria

        Afri. J. Geo. Sci. 1(1) 01-06 [Abstract] [Full Text] (493 KB)


Sema Akinci, Tuba Hacibekiroglu, Tekin Guney, Kamile Silay, Abdulkadir Basturk, Sule Mine Bakanay, Muhammed Bulent Akinci, Arife Ulas, Imdat Dilek
        Evaluation of pseudothrombocytopenia causes

        J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(4) 24-27 [Abstract] [Full Text] (438 KB)


Chukwu, G.O and E.U Eteng
Enhancing soil health and control of cocoyam root rot through integrated plant nutrition

        J. Soil Environ. Sci. 2(4) 40-45 [Abstract] [Full Text] (131 KB)


Mohammad Zare and Manfred Koch
        3D- groundwater flow modeling of the possible effects of the construction of

        an irrigation/drainage network on water logging in the Miandarband plain, Iran

        J. Soil Environ. Sci. 2(3) 29-39 [Abstract] [Full Text] (1.6MB)


Akinola Grace Oluyemisi

        Globalization and the problems of entrepreneurial development in Nigeria

        J. Bus. Manag. A/cc. 3(5) 67-74 [Abstract] [Full Text] (110 KB)


Rocky Lemus, David J Parrish, Dale D Wolf

        Switchgrass response to nitrogen and phosphorus during first growth after seeding

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(4) 13-22 [Abstract] [Full Text] (822 KB)


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