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Basic Research Journal is an open access peer-reviewed international journal firm that publishes quality research articles, reviews, shot communication, case report, research analysis and

inquiries into issues of importance to the world at large.


Basic Research Journals, a multipurpose driven journal organization with major functions that are put into actions for several reasons:

  • To publish excellent and unprecedented research articles that are in line with the interest of our journals. And also to create avenue for contribution to the world of knowledge and to disseminate the articles freely for teaching and reference purposes especially for researchers and teachers in developing nations.

  • To provide answer to the wishes and desires of researchers and teachers in developing nations and the world who lack free access to quality materials online.

  • To bring panacea to this problem, and to encourage research development. Basic Research Journals aim at establishing a publishing house that is open to all. It aims to disseminate knowledge, provide a learned reference in the field.

  • To establish channels of communication between academia and research experts, policy makers and executives in industry, commerce and investment institutions.


To procure authentic solution to researchers by providing an open access information to recent scientific discoveries in areas of sciences, technology, art, engineering business management accounting etc. Through our worldwide publications.

Our dedicated team of editors ensure the quality of the published research articles.


To provide a wide and fair ground of Open Access Journals with a free incite to Africans, Asians, Americans and the world at large.

All accepted and published articles will be provided online with a free access to the world at large.


Kindly support this journal today by sending your article to us for publication.




open access

Authors should know that an open Access publication enables the dissemination of research findings to the global community without any form of restriction. Thus, articles published under open access journals can be accessed by anyone with the use of internet connection.




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