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Benel harkati Fatima, El Bayoudi Malika, El Khayyat Fatiha, Elkharrim Khadija, Sadek Sanae, Belghyti Driss
        Physicochemical analysis of the wastewater of Tiflet Wadi (Sidi Yahia, Morocco)

        J. Soil Environ. Sci. 2(3) 19-22 [Abstract] [Full Text] (446 KB)


Ojunga Okoth Samson, Mose Nyandwaki, Peter Mutwiri, Otulo Wandera, Omollo Oriema and Edgar Otumba
        The application of logistic regression in modeling of survival chances of HIV-positive

        patients under highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART): A Case of Nyakach

        District, Kenya       

        J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(3) 14-20 [Abstract] [Full Text] (158 KB)


Peterson Nduati

        The effect of competition on strategic orientation of cement manufacturing firms in Kenya

        J. Bus. Manag. A/cc. 3(3) 48-52 [Abstract] [Full Text] (103 KB)


Gammariello D, Incoronato A.L, Conte A, Contò F and Del Nobile M.A

        A multi-step optimisation approach to extend burger shelf life

        J. Food Sci. Technol. 1(3) 15-28 [Abstract] [Full Text] (464KB)


Suneeta Pinto, Bhatt J.D and Prajapati, J.P

        Evaluation of selected emulsifiers and buttermilk in the manufacture of reduced-fat paneer

        J. Food Sci. Technol. 1(3) 01-14 [Abstract] [Full Text] (204 KB)


Amadi, S.A. and Ukpaka, C.P

        Comparative analysis of thermal and microbial enhanced oil recovery

        J. Eng. Innov. 1(4) 07-13 [Abstract] [Full Text] (218 KB)


Nazerian E, Biramizadeh E, Zarei R, Hosseini Nia A, Shafiei MR

        Phenotypic and molecular characterization of white calla lily soft rot caused by

        Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum

        Basic Res. J. Microbiol. 1(5) 16-20 [Abstract] [Full Text] (401 KB)


Karim MH (Karim Koshteh)

        Agricultural water reforms versus climate changes

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(2) 06-12 [Abstract] [Full Text] (120 KB)


Marcelo Zeuli, Antonio Carlos Figueiredo and Marcelo Cabus Klotze

        Time series analysis for crisis times: Searching alternatives for standard risk models

        J. Bus. Manag. A/cc. 3(3) 39-47 [Abstract] [Full Text] (358 KB)


Hani Moubasher and Salwa S. Wahsh

        Pullulan production from Aureobsidium pullulans by continuous culture

        Basic Res. J. Microbiol. 1(5) 11-15 [Abstract] [Full Text] (391 KB)


Farman Ali, Babar Adeeb, Sufian Saeed

        Impact of monetary policy on stock returns: Evidence from manufacturing sectors of Pakistan

        J. Bus. Manag. A/cc. 3(2) 18-38 [Abstract] [Full Text] (134 KB)


Rijalu Negash, Shimelis Zewude, Reta Megersa

        The effect of compensation on employees motivation: In Jimma University academic staff

        J. Bus. Manag. A/cc. 3(2) 07-17 [Abstract] [Full Text] (141 KB)


A. I. Arab, O. J. Mudiare, M. A. Oyebode, and U. D. Idris
        SPerformance evaluation of selected infiltration equations for irrigated (FADAMA) soils in

        Southern Kaduna Plain, Nigeria

        J. Soil Environ. Sci. 1(6) 01-18 [Abstract] [Full Text] (537 KB)


IJ Shah, PN Gami, R.M. Shukla, D.K. Acharya

        Optimization for α-amylase production by Aspergillus oryzae using submerged

        fermentation technology

        Basic Res. J. Microbiol. 1(4) 01-10 [Abstract] [Full Text] (788 KB)


Amadi, S.A. and Ukpaka, C.P

        Evaluation of corrosion of behaviour on pipe line steel structure in swampy environment

        J. Eng. Innov. 1(4) 01-06 [Abstract] [Full Text] (247 KB)


Enaam A. Abdelgader, Tayseer A. Diab, Anwar A. Kordofani, Sana E. Abdalla
        Haemoglobnin level, RBCs Indices, and iron status in pregnant females in Sudan

        J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(2) 08-13 [Abstract] [Full Text] (236 KB)


Cláudio Gleidiston Lima da Silva
        Quantitative evaluation of the mast cell population in border of ulcers in America

        Cutaneous Leishmaniasis – ACL       

        J. Med. Clin. Sci. 3(2) 01-07 [Abstract] [Full Text] (591 KB)


Edwin M. Agwu

        An investigative analysis of factors influencing E-business adoption and maintenance

       of commercial websites in Nigeria

        J. Bus. Manag. A/cc. 3(1) 05-16 [Abstract] [Full Text] (158 KB)


Seyyed Mohsen Niazkhani, Bahram Maleki Zanjani, Mohammad Zeynali, Soheila Ahmadpour, Ali Reza Eivazi

        Assessing of morph-physiological traits in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea schreb.) germplasms

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 3(1) 01-05 [Abstract] [Full Text] (158 KB)


M. E. Mlambiti

        Effects of animal spirits on resource utilization and economic development: The Case

        of Tanzania

        J. Bus. Manag. Acc. 3(1) 01-04 [Abstract] [Full Text] (110 KB)


B. Devasena and S. Suneetha

        Intervention of traditional feeding systems of small scale rural farmers rearing crossbred

        dairy cattle and its impact on production–an Indian perspective

        J. Anim. Sci. 1(2) 17-22 [Abstract] [Full Text] (125 KB). (Published 06 February 2014)


Abdeen Mustafa Omer

        The absence of the curriculum in scientific research in Sudan

        J. Educ. Res. Rev. 3(1) 01-11 [Abstract] [Full Text] (160 KB) (Published 02 January 2014)


Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad, Sohaib Dehghani, Fatemeh Shahsavari

        Learning methods for efficient adoption of contemporary technologies in architectural design

        J. Educ. Res. Rev. 2(12) 134-139 [Abstract] [Full Text] (92 KB) (Published 02 January 2014)


Norfadilah Kamaruddin

        Interface design principles: A comparatives analysis of Malaysian government

        guideline, Malaysian interactive science courseware and established literature

        J. Educ. Res. Rev. 2(12) 140-147 [Abstract] [Full Text] (400 KB) (Published 02 January 2014)




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